Section with exact same settings somehow appears different in 2 different sites

I created a test site to see if I wanted to work with Webflow, and after getting a good impression I decided to create an account with my business email address to start building.

I wanted to recreate a section that I created in my test account. Followed the exact same steps, double checked all the settings so that they would all be the exact same, and somehow the sections are not identical…

Link where the section is as I want it to be (it is the very first section here)

Link to the new site where it somehow appears totally different with the exact same settings (note: it is the second section on this site, not the first one):

So my question is, how can I get the second section of the second site, identical to the first section of the first site?

I fixed it now by copy/pasting the columns from one project to the other. Still not sure though how the width of the column is determined now? I want my nav bar to be the same width, but not sure how I can do that now? (note: this is regarding the second project from my first post

And one more question; how can get the subheader to get wider on mobile (essentially to go outside the column width) so that the text is displayed on 1 line instead of 2 like it is now.