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Section to Section Transition


There’s an effect I see fairly often on portfolio websites where a section takes up 100% of the viewport, and when you scroll down just a little, there’s a transition-like effect (correct me if I’m wrong) that automatically scrolls to the next section. For example:

Is there a way to achieve a similar effect in Webflow? Thanks in advance!

I’m not entirely sure it can be done with interactions 1 or 2, but I’ve seen it be done with custom code within the designer.

I used this topic a while back and I hope it can still help: Snap to divs on scroll

I hope this helps you a little bit .

Good Luck and Happy Holidays :grin:

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Thanks, Ethan! I’ll try out some of the stuff in the other forum — I appreciate you showing that to me.

Happy holidays to you as well! :smiley:

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