Section that uses CMS doesn't display in published site

Hey guys,

I’ve created a page which displays the sponsors of a club using the CMS system, it displays correctly in the designer and preview, however, it doesn’t display in the published site.



Published Site:

Any ideas why this might be?


Published Page:

Hey @lairdkruger it seems you have this fixed now, as I can see the sponsors on both your Preview and the published site.

If you have the time and could share what the issue and solution was for future users then pleased do :slight_smile:

Came back a while later and all was resolved, even though the CMS items said published at the time of posting this question. So if you’re having the same issue, try waiting it out :slight_smile:

@magicmark, it appears that the issue has repeated this morning despite appearing fixed last night. Could you please check it out again? I hope its not one of those things where it fixes itself at the exact moment you take it into the store for repair haha