Section stuck – text on top of other section

Hi Webflowers,

Happy weekend!

Here’s the carnage that’s on my screen just now:

I’m trying to add new sections to this template. The sections underneath were previously linked to collection items and I didn’t want that. I want to be able to add images and text that doesn’t require CSS.

The advice was to start from scratch. So I’m trying to add sections underneath. I just want headline, text and image but I can’t get it to move down the screen. It just seems stuck on top of the first section no matter what I do with the margins:

Any idea what I’m doing to mess up so spectacularly with something pretty simple? :smiley:
Thanks in advance,

Julia x

Here is my site Read-Only:
Published site:

Hello There Julia!

All you need to do to fix your problem is set the “hero” section postion to relative or static.

From there you should be able to set things back to their normal position.

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