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Section Row column spacing Issue in smaller view ports

Section Row column spacing Issue detail.
Row Column spacing works correctly in desktop. Row column spacing is not working correctly in smaller view ports like tablet , mobile landscape and mobile portrait. Services Page -> Office Cleaning section, Services -> Carpet Cleaning section.

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Screenshot: how to attach?

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Hi @hannyatech,

just drag the image straight into the draft post… :smile:

Make sure you have your widths as %'s. I ran through your document, named everything that wasn’t named and sized accordingly and everything seemed to work for me.

If you are still having issues let me know.


Which width in need to change, is it the section row or text list or image widths as %'s.

@hannyatech Try the section first, then go to the image, then the paragraph. I prefer to keep all of my designs, graphics, images and sections width’s as %'s. This seems to always work well for me when looking at the site in a responsive viewpoint.

I am here to help, so please let me know if this helped or if I can provide more detail.

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