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Section not hidden but disappeared

Hi all,

I’ve lost a section that somehow disappeared by hiding other sections from other pages and now I can’t remember what I’ve hidden so I can reverse engineer it.

I do see the sections in the Navigator tab, they are not hidden but still don’t appear on the page.

A bit of help, please.

Here’s a quick video on it.

This is an old published version that contains the missing section, that is: Our Expertise.



Hey, bro!

Please share your Read Only Link

Sorry about that. (first post here)


Hey Stefan! Welcome to the forums!

Check out this video – should help you recover the hidden section in just a couple of clicks.

The section’s display setting was simply set to Display: None, which hides the element from the page but still keeps it in the navigation (and in the actual HTML on the published website.)

Setting it to Display: Block will resolve the issue for you across every page that uses the same class / combo class. Hope this helps!

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@mattvaru you’re a life saviour! :pray: thank you, solved it.

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