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Section links #id drives to bottom, not top of the div

  1. My site contains couple of horizontal 100% width divs, with unique ids for internal linking.
  2. Maked links to them in menu.
  3. On click or on load, #section_name scrolls to the… bottom of PREVIOUS section, not top of #section_name!.. :frowning:

That’s really weird! I have never heard of that happening. Can you post a troubleshooting link so I can see how you have it set up? (If you want to keep it private you can send me the subdomain name and I can check it out).

Here it is:

Proper troubleshooting link: @thesergie sorry for misunderstanding.

@thesergie - I found a solution. Former structure:

fixed, vertical, 100% height menu div
content section id=“section”
content section2 id=“section2”

Tweaking with vertical menu’s height, I realized that section links lead to y-positions of #sections …minus height of this damn menu!

Actual structure:

works fine. Anyway, thanks for intentions to help :slight_smile: