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Section links bring to middle of page

Hi Forum!

I’m having small issues with my section links on my client’s website:

  • the first issue is that some links bring to the wrong section;
  • the second issue is that the section links lead to the middle of the section when I’d like the viewport to show the top of said section. Is there a way to fix this?

To access the different sections I’m talking about, you have to get to the Homepage and choose any sector from “Transport”, “Construction”, “Industry”…etc
Once you are in one of these sectors, there are other sub-categories (“Thermal”, “Acoustics”, “Design”, “Waterproofing”…etc) and these sections also bring to the middle of the page.

I hope that makes sense. You can of course ask me anything that could help you understand better the issue.

All the best,


Here is my site: LINK
And here’s the read-only preview: Read-Only link)

Hey, are you saying you want when someone clicks these links:

It should scroll down to look like this?

If I misunderstood please explain more to me.

Hi @lol_no,

Thank you for your reply. Actually, my problem is when clicking the card links in the homepage:

(On mobile right now)

And once in one of these sector pages, I get the same issue when clicking the sector card links as below:

Hey sorry for the late response we might be in different timezones (I’m gmt-6) did you fix it? I clicked the card-Links and they all take me to the correct page

Hi, no problem for the late reply (and yes, I’m on GMT+1 !!).
I haven’t fixed it but the links seem to act randomly? Sometimes it brings to the top of the section, sometimes to the middle it. I don’t know how to make it link to the top every time.

Been looking at it and I genuinely have no idea I don’t generally use Linkable Tabs not really the best practice for SEO

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Thank you for taking the time to look at it and search for a solution @lol_no !
I’m gonna keep racking my brains.

I’ll look at it again right now see if I can figure it out