Section linking inside an overflow scroll section


I’ve read from other posts that section linking does not work if the section is set to scroll. I have no other alternatives to keep it on scroll, so I was wondering if there are some ways around the problem and make the section linking work anyway.

Thank you !

Hello @louv

Can you explain a little bit more about your issue, share screenshots, videos, examples and preview link of your project?

All of these help the community to understand your issue and help you achieve your goal.

Hi @aaronocampo

Sure. I’m trying to do a “one page” website, like this one, when you go from “project” to “info” and vice versa.

In the section “info”, you can scroll the content, but the section “project” is one screen. (as shown here, the red line defines the limit between the two sections).

I’ve tried to reproduce the same system, but to do so, I had to divide the website in only two sections “wrapper0” & “wrapper1”. “wrapper1” is the main page, with sub sections “About”, “portfolio” etc. The main page is defined as height and width 100%, and overflow set on scroll. The transition works ok (depending on the navigator), but section linking inside the navigation bar does not work (because of the overflow on scroll).

So I was wondering, is there a way around the problem, and have a functioning navigation bar with those conditions ?


Can you share your read only link please?

yes :slight_smile: There it is.