Section link takes the user to the wrong section?

Hi guys,

When viewed on a desktop, my site has a menu button ‘Events’ which is meant to link to the ‘Our events’ section like this:


However, the first time a visitor clicks on the ‘Events’ link, they are taken to the wrong position on the page:

doesn't work

Then on subsequent clicks of the events button they are taken to the correct place. I can’t seem to work out why its offsetting the link the first time visitors press it. Could anyone help?

The read only link is Webflow - Patch on the Plaza

To get to the link in question, go to c-menu desktop under the Site Navbar and then there is a c-menu–links grid, ‘events’ is the final link.

Thank you!

It appears you have the link going to “events-temp” and should be going to “events”. It seemed to work when I made this change.

Hi Cris,

Unfortunately that hasn’t fixed it - I had created events-temp as an interim workaround and have since deleted it as it didn’t fix the problem either. N.B. the issue only appears on the published site rather than in the preview pane.

Thank you for taking the time to help all the same.