Section link does not go all the way to the section

Hi everybody,

When the page first loaded, section links won’t lead directly to the section but stops somewhere above the section (i.e. “Reference”).
I’ve searched the forum for two days now and found threads with similar problems, but nothing seems to work for me…

Published web:

Read-only link:

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Most likely you have large images above the section that are set to lazy-load.
If you do not have a specific image height set, the browser cannot calculate where your section will be. When you navigate to it, the image load is triggered, which pushes that section further down the page.

The browser takes you to where the section was before those images loaded.

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Thank you Michael!

I will work with that and post my results :wink:

Have a nice day

Hi Michael,

so I reduced the size of all pictures above the section and switched from lazy load to auto. Now the section link seems to work fine.

Thanks again!