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Section is set to auto, but collapses all content. Baackground image is set to absolute


I am working on website and I am having a hard time understanding the “auto-section” option.

Within my section, I have a heading and some basic text, but in the background, I have an absolute image set in the middle.

The problem I am experiencing is that whenever I put my section to 100vh, all content appears normal and it does not overlap with the other sections, but whenever I put my section to auto, the background image just overlaps with other sections.

Is this normal? Is there a workaround for this? Anyone else experiencing this?

It’s as if the auto feature does not take into account absolute elements.

It’s difficult to give specific answers to your questions without seeing the situation, but absolute elements do not respond to the document flow. This means that parent elements with a child set to absolute will act differently than children that are set to static, relative or sticky.

There is a good video Webflow released recently on the position options you can check out here that may help provide a visual illustration of the differences, but if you run into any issues please include your read-only link and I’ll take a closer look :+1: