Section ID based on collection item

I have a single page site and I am trying to display collection items as sections on the page. I have a navigation bar that I would like to scroll down to each section. The issue is that I cant give the collection items separate IDs. Any ideas?
Here is the share only link
As you can hopefully see at the moment the navigation can scroll to the first two text sections but no current way to do it for the rest of the sections that are created by the CMS

Good morning @Tom_Gionfriddo, let me first say, welcome to the community.

Now to answer your question, due to the nature of how the CMS collection list works, you will not be able to add IDs to the items, since you are creating a single item layout that duplicates. You would have to create separate collection lists in each section with the IDs added to that section and then filter each collection.

Keep in mind that you are only allowed 20 lists per page. So depending on the size of your menu options, it may not work.

If you can add a share link to your post we can see what you have going on and could help you out with some options for you.

How-to create your share link:

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Thanks Brandon
I’ve added the link but I dont really understand what you meant with the separate collection list.

@Tom_Gionfriddo, just seeing this.

As for the separate lists, do you know how to filter lists?

What you would do is add a collection list into each section, add a filter to each list for only that info and then add an ID to the section related to your menu link.