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Section height won't change. Help

Trying to figure out why my section height(padding) won’t change. Help please. Here’s my project link.

@mkh_develops Are you referring to the element with the class “createSection”? Let me know which element you are trying to change exactly and what you want the height or layout to look like, and I can help!

Yeah the “createSection”…there’s a lot of white space at the bottom of the section. I’m trying to reduce that.

Give me a few and let me see what I can find for you!

Ok cool great thanks!

Hey @mkh_develops - check out this screenshare, and let me know if it’s the solution to your problem!

Yep this works! Thanks man!

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@mkh_develops Awesome, glad to hear it! Please mark the video above as the solution if you’re all set with your problem. If you’re new to the forum, here’s an example of how to mark someone’s answer as a solution: