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Section Element is overlapping Hero Element

If you notice, the section element “Latest Race Updates” sits on top of my Hero element. I’m struggling to get that section element to sit below the “Latest Race Updates” section. Like in order.
Aren’t block elements supposed to sit one below the other?

Here is my site Read-Only:


I don’t understand. you wrote:

Then you added:

So I understand that you want the “Latest Race Updates” to sit below the “Latest Race Updates”. I’m not sure it is possible :slight_smile:

Hey, sorry for the confusion.

So I want “Latest Race Updates” to come below the “News” section. On the Navigator, it appears in the right order however the design does not reflect the same.


I’m not sure you are understand how to build the structure and the use of CSS position - in this case let me suggest you to watch this lesson in Webflow university.

In the mean time here is the way to solve your issue:

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Hey thanks man. Sure, I will go over the lesson once again. Really appreciate the time taken.