Section/Container not filling content

Hi, i’m sure this is a simple one, but I would like some help please.

I have a CMS Collection List (content) inside a Container and Section, but both the Container and Section seems unresponsive to the content.
When I click on the Section or Container to highlight the object area, both show only 1 line of pixels. The height is set to Auto.

Any ideas for my settings?
I found this issue as I was setting a bottom margin for the section which is not working as expected.

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Hi Jordan - welcome to :webflow_heart:

Thanks for sharing - It happens couse of the Collection List Wrapper set to absolute position.

Thanks for the welcome and the speedy help Moshe.

Perhaps I had changed to Absolute because in Static the content is also not behaving as expected (content not filling Container to 100% width even though this setting is checked)

With your suggestion I changed the container to Block as opposed to Flex and the behaviour is correct.

Thanks for your help!

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