Section background disappearing suddenly

Hello! I have a couple of sections with a transparent background meant to reveal a background image as they scroll past. I swear that’s exactly what it was doing when I created it a couple of weeks ago, and now I’ve come back to it and the background of the previous section is remaining on the screen until it suddenly disappears when it reaches the bottom. So confused. I’ve included a video of the screen — I’m showing in the designer window what it should behave like (and what it used to look like!), and then the published site where it is behaving weirdly.

I’ve put this in interactions because the other sections all have a coloured background that changes gradually on scroll — don’t know if it has anything to do with that.


Screen recording here

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @mimfox, thanks for the post about the section background disappearing.

Could you please also help to share the published site url where the weird behavior is happening?

Remember that custom code is only rendered on the published site, so if there are some code errors that affect the site, those will not be shown until the site is published.

Thanks in advance

Hi Dave, thanks for the response. The published site link is here. The only custom code on the site is the embedded soundcloud player — I don’t think that should be having any impact.

Hi @cyberdave, any thoughts on this?

EDIT: Never mind, the problem has fixed itself in my absence. Weird.

Hi @mimfox, thanks for letting me know the the issue is solved, it might be that there were some design changes that were still in the browser cached.