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Section and Footer Missing on page with custom code iframe

Hello —

I am working on one of my static pages and I noticed that one of my sections and the footer is missing from the bottom of the page. The footer is showing up on all of the other pages. I checked all of the settings that I could think to check for and from what I can tell…everything looks normal.

The section and footer show up in the designer and in preview but disappears once it is published.

The page I am referencing is in the “Online Class” folder and the page name is " Soil & Stem"


Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hi @lindsay.ware, thanks for the post, it looks like there is some malformed custom code being used in an iframe that may be related to the custom chat code:

I would as a first step, remove the custom chat custom code, then republish to see if the issue persists.

It definitely looks like custom code though, there is a problem in the code and the page rendering breaks on the published site.

Recently we announced some changes regarding custom code, so one thing to check is that custom code tags are closed properly, see more here: We’re going hands-off on custom code, it may be good to check if there are any unclosed tags in the custom code.

Hi Dave —

Thank you so much for your quick response! I tried removing the custom chat code and republished the site and didn’t see a change.

Any other thoughts on what could be going on?




I am also noticing that on mobile…the chart section isn’t showing but it shows on desktop.

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