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Section Anchor Interaction Help // Back Up Version Working, but Current Version Isn't Working

Hello! I’m hoping that someone can help me figure this out, because I can’t seem to for the life of me.

I have a feature on my portfolio case studies that has a menu pop up on the left-hand side after getting into the research portion of my case study. From there, users can interact & visit various sections of the page.

The functionality works as it should in this case study:

However, for some reason this case study isn’t working correctly. The left menu appears right when the page loads instead of when the user scrolls to the research section. It has also lost the functionality of having the circle filled in for the current section.

Current version:

It seems as though the pagination section of my site is identical from version to version, but it’s definitely acting differently. You can see the differences in action here:

First you’ll see the current version that isn’t working well, followed by a version that works as I’d like it too.

Happy to answer any questions!