Secondary page to a Page Template

I’m working on a project that basically has some events in the form of courses for which you can register by clicking a register button.

When you click the Register button you would get a form where you put in your name, email and other details.

The form has to be on a separate link, like this:

So that last part of the link “/form” is the problem. Also, this form page should include relevant cms items from the course that I went through, like the name, date etc.

I’m not sure how I can achieve this with webflow.

Any ideas?

Here is my public share link:

I am assuming you are using courses are collection items.

Collection pages consist of /collection-slug-name/collection-item-slug-name; so what you want is not possible. Where would be a valid link to an anchor on the page that could be the form. So user clicks button, page scrolls to anchor, form is under anchor.

A collection page template can have collection lists displaying info from the same or other collections and collection filters can come in to play here. Typically using reference, multi-reference fields . Hard to be more specific with limited examples.

Thanks for your help @webdev

That’s right, courses are collection items.

Yes, I knew that I can include the form into the same page as an anchor or even modal but I was wondering if it can be a secondary page related to the collection/template page.

If not in a traditional way, maybe it can be hacked somehow? :smiley:

It can’t be a child page. It could exist as a static page and you possibly could create a redirect to it. But since it would need to be a page, that would reduce the amount of pages (100 allowed).

I don’t understand what the point would be. There is no SEO benefit, and I fail to see one from a usability perspective. Linking to an anchor is trivial.

If this is a requirement you may need to look at a more flexible CMS. I have a couple I use that this would be a breeze in.

thanks for your help.

It’s more a UX thing, the page already has a tone of information and the registration form is also quite big and clunky (a ton of inputs) and I think it’s better to keep them separate.

After all, I think a full-screen modal is good enough. I’ll go with that.