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Second Webflow site!

100% built in Webflow:


Beautiful! =D

a couple things though:

  • first arrow pointing down is too close to the edge. It feels uncomfortable.
  • need more white space around the content boxes in the “What we do” section
  • second arrow pointing down is also too close and uncomfortable
  • The anchored icons on the right, the speech bubble that turns into “TOP” should be an up arrow. The speech bubble doesn’t visually communicate to me that it’s a “back to top” button.

more thoughts:

  • - BEAUTIFUL white space on this page. Except for the arrows.
  • - if you’re going to just re-list the team members from the homepage, onto this page, you might as well remove it from the homepage. Have some sort of team photo on the homepage. If people click on it, it goes to the team page.

again. great job on the site and the colors =)

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Looks great… love the subtle use of interactions. Nicely done! :slight_smile:

Agree with @PixelGeek, the white space on the services page is great. And about the arrows well, a minor touch up to the space around them will make them sit better.

Great site!

looks great, good job!