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Second sticky Navbar

I’ve made a navigation bar that hides itself when scrolling down and reveal when scrolling up.

However, I want to make it like the Pentagram website:|

In this website, the top nav bar does not have the Hide/Reveal action when the page is at the top. It is Only after the page is scrolled down for a certain amount that the nav bar with the semi-transparent white background appears whenever I scroll up.

How can I achieve this in Webflow?
Thank you!

hi @Mingxi_Li please do your search here on forum or visit WFU before you post a new request.

Hi, thank you for your reply!

However, this is NOT what I’m asking.

I already made a hide/reveal Navbar scroll, but I’m now trying to make it like the Pentagram website, where the action is not triggered when the viewport is at the very top of the page.

hi @Mingxi_Li when you look into their DOM you can see that there are two navigations involved.

You need add interaction when scroll into view also to second element. Just study their CSS what and when.

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