Second click navigation menu

Hello everybody,

Tablet/mobile view only

If I open my navigation menu and click on for example the ‘about’ button, the navigation menu closes automaticly. But if I want to open the menu again I have to click twice.

I made a second nav button that only closes (so I have one ‘open button’ and one ‘close button’), but when I try to hide the other button on click in the interactions panel it doesn’t work.

Does anybody know the solution?


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@Mark_Smit nat button look normal

Thanks for the fast reply!

Yes you’re right, but now I have 2 navigation buttons. One that opens and one that closes (I highlighted the close button with a red stripe).

I have to use two buttons for the animation to work propatly. But I want to see only one navigation button at the time.

So if I click on the open button it has to hide te close button and visa versa.