Second Click Interaction


I see similar topics, but had no success with them.

See mobile views only! I have an interaction (after clicking hamburger please click on ‘About’), that moves the dropdown back up while scrolling to the section. The second click is not defined, because the first one finished the interaction and reverts it back to initial state.

The problem is, that when clicking on Hamburger menu again, I need to click it twice to open, since first click is still connected to the previous interaction.

This is my demo:

Is there a way for me to get around that? Thanks.

Hi @maartin,
I’ve created a mini video-tutorial for you, how to do it :slight_smile:

Here it is:áznam%20obrazovky%202018-09-19%20v

Just keep in mind, you have to set right position of the “fake-button” div for every view. :wink:

I hope this will help you, nice work!


Thank you so much! You even recorded video, wow!

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