Search results in new window

Hi guys!!

I LOVE webflow! you guys are doing a great job!
this forum is really great but just one thing that i would love to have, opening ALL search results in a new window or even same page. i’m a search freak and i feel like i’m missing stuff… are all the results presented? or just a max number?

does anyone else have this problem…?

Hi @Mordi_Levi, thanks for the recommendation. We can look at our configuration options on the forum. The search results show a context match based on your search term currently, those topics with matching words. We can look and try to improve these search results. Good idea!

Cheers, Dave

Thanks for the quick respone @cyberdave, the thing is that it shows 5 results and the “show more” expands it to 15.
but what if there’s more results…?

If you keep doing a good job with webflow this forum will get bigger and bigger :smile:

Hi @Mordi_Levi, yes I think there might be more results even than 15, those just show the most relevant ones based on the search term. You are right, we will look at this search functionality on the Forum, to see what changes we can make here for that. Cheers, Dave

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