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Search result : This web page is parked FREE

Hello everyone :wave:,

I was working on a new website which is my fist experience in webflow . I have purchased a domain from goDaddy and webflow host. I linked them and it shows in the setting that it is (connected) … But when I search in google , it show a result that says : “This web page is parked FREE” > I did google verification as mentioned in webflow tutorials …

Any help !! what should I do to fix this !

my website url is :

Thanks in advance …

@Ruaa_Jamal The website seems to be live. Did it get fixed since your post? If it’s just the search result, that should resolve itself but you can always request re-indexing with google.


Thank you @sarahfrison ,Yes it has been resolved … It was just a matter of time … Thanks for your reply …

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