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Hi everyone, my name is Nicola and I am new in Webflow, I am redisigning my website with webflow and so far I am finding easy to use webflow considering that I am not a coding person but there are few things a do not know how to fix.

the first one is that on my home page ( I have a field in which I have to fill in with cities names, I write a name of a city and when a click on the search button it goes to the page that those propeties have been uploaded. I did redesign my home page and I also did redesign some different properties in different cities with webflow, the problem is that I do not know how to redirect to different destination (cities) for example when typing on destination field kosamui and click on the search button go to kosamui properties page and when typing kotao on destination field go to kotao properties page. I use a form for the input (destination field) and a button for a search. Is there a way to make the search button work or maybe a different way I can type a destination city and go to that specific page/folder?I am not sure if I explain correctly what I need to do but if any of you understood how to solve my question, I thank you very much.I have been digging in webflow forum but I could not find a way out
thank you Nicola

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