Search in searchs bar in header should lead to cms/collection list on other

Hi everyone,

I have the following task to do: I want to implement a search bar in the header of our website, in which a visitor/user can search for a product in a collection list, which itself is on another page/different page. However, I cannot find a solution in the forum until now.

Example page: (searching for a product on the starting page and resulting with the value of the search bar at the product catalogue on a different page)

Has someone an idea, how to approach this?

Thank you in advance!
BR Jens

@Jens_Hauser - are you looking for a search autocomplete that does not take you to a search results page?

Like this?

Hi @sam-g !:slight_smile: Thanks for the fast reply!

Yes, thats one part of the solution, the second is: if you press enter (or click the search icon), you end up at the collection list on another page. E.g. Search bar used at, pressing enter, opening search results (or collection list with value searched for) at (just a fictional example).

Alternatively, we want to hide the hollistic product catalogue/collection list on our homepage and if someone enters an article number or product title, then the product catalogue shows up. In the case of etsy. It starts with (there are some product slider for some categories on the main page), and if you search for “chair” you end up with the results in the collection list/cms with the link Chair - Etsy DE.

Hope, I communicated the idea in an understandble way.

Thank you in advance!

@Jens_Hauser - I believe this would be entirely custom code but it is doable. I did it on a Webflow site a few years ago using Algolia ( Check out this forum post for more info: Building Instant Search - Algolia and Webflow Guide



Thank you Sam! I will have a look!