Search functionality

+1 for this idea.

Now that we have a great CMS a native search function would be amazing. :smiley:


Are there any plans to add native search functionality to the frontend of Webflow sites? It looks like Swiftype has been the common suggestion for a while now but at $19 per month for their lowest tier, it seems cost prohibitive to some smaller websites. This seems especially true if all you are looking for is simple blog post search functionality.

As and alternative, I have looked into Google Custom Search as a free solution. The problem is that they provide limited styling options making it more difficult to visually integrate into your designs. That, and the free tier is ad supported. To remove ads, you must pay $100/year.

It seems kind of strange that this feature is absent. I would love to hear some more insight on this from Webflow. Particularly whether we can expect this at a future feature release.


are you considering to add Search box to webflow ?


Swiftype is not currently offering the PRO plan anymore, the basic plan starts now from 249$/month.
So does anybody know any alternatives??? @thesergie


The CMS search function is seriously the most needed / wanted feature currently imho and a huge turnoff for newcomers. Im sure this feature will boost Webflow sales incredibly. Please can someone give us an eta on this feat? :slight_smile:


I will be using the google solution Adding Google Search with a custom field and button

I have incorporated the Google custom search solution, but Google is extremely slow in updating the links unfortunately - just to give someone else a heads up who wants to try it. I have been waiting for 2 Months now and my links are still very outdated.

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I absolutely love Webflow and recently discovered the CMS, but isn’t searchable :confused:

I simply can’t do blogs or help centers without a search engine (and can’t pay Swiftype either…) so i hope this new feature be release soon!

PS.: Sorry about my english :grin:


Any News or Updates on this? Just showing interest. I hope the demand of this function is seen!

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I’m going to put my 2 cents in here as well. I think this is a feature that makes using Webflow extremely valuable. I’m moving the majority of my sites (from Wordpress) over to Webflow, and one I’m getting stuck on is integrating search.

Thanks! :grinning:


Hi @Cloudfusion I stumbled onto this article about Google Custom Search indexing on demand. I’m curious to know if this helps resolve your issue with the performance of GCSE! :slight_smile:

Any news on whether you guys will be adding search functionality any time soon? We’d really love to add it to our site.

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I love Webflow but unless their is a native search feature added I will have to go back to custom WordPress.

A lot of users use search so this is a real oddity with such a forward thinking product.

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I fully support the idea of ​​adding a search function. Generally speaking, the greater the success webflow, it is the integration of certain functions, such as site search. But the problem is I’m afraid that is not included in the “business model”, because it creates a burden on the servers for which will have to pay … The use of third-party services too expensive. Is not it?!

Swiftype it’s not monetization? Search for a static website is not a problem, I write with mobile, tomorrow I can lay out a similar script. But searching for blog posts for example, it is not easy, but also have a blueprint. Webflow is not bad, but screwing another 10 services to every website, it’s not idiocy?

I think it would be better to work with swiftype to create a solution tailored to webflow - like they probably have for wordpress etc. For a designer, having to navigate the swiftype website is a pain - the UX just aint at the webflow level.

So perhaps its a purchasable ‘swift-type’ widget within webflow. They have a silly business model - free or to expensive, nothing in between, they would benefit.

The future is a design led web. (but I would say that being a designer ;-))


Don’t know if this will help, but I kind of made a make-shift search thing for a mock-blog to see if I could. I’m using it in another project that is in the works.

Click here for the topic on it.


Also vote for a native webflow search function. Its a real pain that this important feature is missing.


Wow, I can not believe this is not a built-in option, especially with the power the CMS builder gives to create data the way you want. I was hoping to create an Agent Database but without any kind of search it would be useless. If Webflow wants to take it to the next level it would be amazing if the search could be more than just a box that indexes all of the information on the site but allows us to build search forms that can target certain pages or data collections. Have the ability to add drop downs or selections based on the content in the database. Like for Agents have the ability to search by location or other criteria or combinations of criteria.

Agree with all the other comments. A search (with advanced filters) is crucial on a CMS / data driven site guys!