Search Functionality Delay Issue in Webflow CMS

Hello Webflow Community,

I’ve encountered a issue with the search functionality, specifically related to CMS items.
After creating a live item in the CMS through a form submission, I can see that the item is successfully created in the CMS. However, when I attempt to search for this newly added item, the search function cannot find it immediately. Instead, I noticed that there is a delay before the item becomes searchable. It eventually appears in the search results after a certain amount of time.

I’m curious to understand why there is this delay in the search functionality. It’s important for our site’s user experience that the search results are updated in real-time or at least with minimal delay.

Any insights or suggestions on how to mitigate this delay and ensure that newly added CMS items are searchable without delay would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hi Jamie, site search works by indexing your entire site.
IIRC, the automatic indexing is about every 3 days for most plans, and every 24h on business plan, check the docs.

If it’s specifically your CMS items that you’re needing to be easily found with a text search, then Webflow site search isn’t the answer, you want a filtering setup instead.

I’d recommend you use Finsweet’s CMS Filter + CMS Load and use a textbox to enable results-as-you-type. It works great.

If you really want to, you could even integrate this into your search page directly, i.e. Jane types “pistachio” into site search, site search results come up but also so does a collection list with e.g. your blog items only, filtered to “pistachio”