'Search' function to list block elements?

I have a site that’s has lots of block articles listed, typically each one looking like this:

Wondering if it’s possible to setup the Webflow search system so it can list the block article(s) as a search result as this would be a more more user friendly result for the website?

At the moment the search just picks up text on a page and tells you what page that is. The problem is that our pages are very big in listings. The current search system isn’t practical when it just takes you to the page, would also be helpful if it took you to the relevant spot on the page.

You probably need to look at third-party search integrations to get what you want.

Do you have any suggestions on that please?

Is essence if I could setup each article section as a product as such and then the search engine would list results showing the ‘article / product’ would be most ideal!

It’s a shame Webflow’s current search engine is only good to find a page and the user still has to manually find what they are looking for on the page - it doesn’t take you to the result it finds. Hopefully this search engine can be improved in time.