Search dropdown in Module template

Hello, I’m very new to Webflow and am coming form a Muse background. I have bought the Module template and am enjoying learning Webflow. Under the search dropdown there is some text ‘Search feature requires a CMS or Business Hosting’. I have CMS hosting! How can I remove this text please. See

Hi @JamieEdward

Welcome to Webflow - usually with these invisible elements there is either a menu to open in settings, or a state such as error/success in order to edit them…

Search is a little different, and it’s just a parent div that needs changing briefly to make your edit.

  • Locate the ‘search container’ div block
  • Go to the ‘styles’ panel and change it from display:none to display:block (the first choice)
  • Make changes/delete that text, and change style back to display:none

That should do it, hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you very much!