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Hello everyone

I can use your help here with the search result, so I have worked this dynamic search page and configured the settings like what pages to exclude from the search result: mainly all my static pages are excluded, i only have the “auto part” template included.

Now when i type words like “tyres” or “engine” i get all the items of the “autopart” collection on my search results - but if i use a specific word like tractor, it will only display the item with that name.

I think i am missing something maybe

here is the project link:

and here is the website link:

Hi @Ow_Ma,

First off, is your site on the CMS or Business Hosting Plan? If not, that is your issue. The hosting plan MUST be added before you can get results and results will only show on a live page, not in preview mode.

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hi @QA_Brandon sorry maybe i haven’t described my issue well. I am aware that i can only see the results when i publish. But my main issue is that i should get results according to the keyword that i am searching for.

PLease just go to the live website and try the below to see what i mean

When I type words like “tyres” or “engine” i get all the items of the “autopart” collection on my search results - but if i use a specific word like tractor, it will only display the item with that name.


Hi @Ow_Ma, have you setup indexing yet for your site?

One thing about search is that if the site itself isnt indexed, then search wont work.

In the designer You must go to the Gear Icon to index your site, if you havent already done this.


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Hi @QA_Brandon

Yes i did index it couple of times every 24/h - i am aware of this because the search results where displaying anything back at that moment. as u can see my last index was on monday.

But again q: my issue isn’t this i just want to my search result to work logically, it should only returns item that matches the keyword i am typing which is not the case currently.


The only page that i didnt exclude is the “autopart collection page” but i am not using this page- i just created a page for each category of these autoparts and applied a collection list for each one of them and linked it them to the “autoparts collection” (each collection list in each category page is linked to the category created in the cms ) however i have excluded these pages because in the search result page i am getting the link page as well as an item which i don’t want.

Hi @Ow_Ma,

You are missing search results from your site. Also, you used an option field for your categories instead of a reference field for a CMS collection titled Categories!

Ok, I see what is happening now.

So your CMS template for Auto Parts has ALL of your auto parts in a Grid collection. That templates is for a single auto part to be showcased there. Like a single article. When you click on each option, all results show.

Review video:

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Hi @QA_Brandon thank you for pointing out the issue. So what I did is simply removed the autoparts grid from the page collection, and now the search works perfectly.

You mentioned earlier that i was using an option field instead of a reference field. So to my understanding of how the CMS logic should be is I did put all the autoparts in one csv file and uploaded them to the page collection and added an option field to separate them by categories.

However if i had to go with the reference field component instead I would have to separate all my products in 6 different csv files and upload them each category in a csv file. So what’s the point to have the “autopart collection page” and have all the products in there and connecting them by the reference field option.

Unless I am missing something here i don’t know…

Thank you again and sorry for the late reply - we’ve had holidays all week long (:slight_smile:

Hi there @Ow_Ma,

Ok, so my first suggestion works, I see that in the published site.

What I was trying to get at before is that using a category reference field (or multi-reference, if using more than one category) you would have more control over what items are placed into each category plus have an “all” category.

You could also define your parts more. LIke for specific sections of an engine, rather than just a broad search term.

Lastly, once someone using the search field, what is the next UI piece? Where does it take them? Does it take them somewhere where they can place an order, get more info, etc? You are missing a huge component of your search.

Happy Designing,

Hello @QA_Brandon

Hope you had a great weekend.

For the moment the client only wants to display the products in this structure - there is no further detailed info about each one of them for the moment - the purpose of the website is informational with a modern design.

But I believe in the future if he wishes to restructure his products description for better SEO, then I have to switch to the reference or multi field like you suggested earlier.

However i still have a question of how would I do that? because for now i have all my products in one excel sheet and if I would want to use a reference field, means that i need to have 6 excel sheets which means 6 different collection lists and pages, and then what’s the next step? For the moment my Product category pages are static.

I hope you can assist me on that, because I want to be able to use the CMS in the right logic and understand better what I am doing when creating my CMS collection.

Thank you so much.


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