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Search box for Covid-19 site

I am new to webflow/javascript, just trying to help my community. I followed a Youtube video by PixelGeek " How to Webflow: Instant, on-page search - Tutorial (2019)" about a script to have live on page search ([]) but I am having no results with the search box. I tried everything, read comments, tried all possible names for the class, etc. The live search box is just not working.

I know there is jetboost but have to pay a monthly fee for a custom domain that I am trying to avoid because I’m not getting anything out of this, so if I could make a regular javascript (?) search bar mentioned in the video work, it would be Amazing.

I thought maybe I have a class wrong in the script, so I tried .New-Business-Item, .Name, .Business-Name, .Business, .Businesses… Ran out of ideas…

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