Search bar takes 3 clicks to show up?

Then once it disappears (4th click), it disables the top 3 nav menu links from clicking & auto closes the menu

Hey there! That is easy. Your ‘Open Search Field’ interaction is set on the wrong div. You need them all the be on “Search Field Wrapper”. Like this:

Hope that helps.

thank you, this solved half of the issue

the nav menu closes instead of linking when pressing “wine”, “about us”, “home”

after the search bar is opened then closed, as if the search bar destroys nav menu linking…

Not sure what you mean exactly. At least i can not find that problem. Can you link the published site?

on mobile

open the nav menu, click “wine”

go back to “home”

hit the search glass, hit it again to close, then reopen the nav menu and lick on “wine”