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Seamless Pagination: Works on Preview window but not on Published site?

Hi Guys,

I followed @forresto seamless pagination and it all works perfect on the preview window. However when I publish the site it breaks! Anyone any ideas why this is happening?
I’m working with a template here and the testimonial section is 6 sections down on the home page.
TIA, Cormac

Can anyone offer light on why this might be happening?
I created a test page and it works perfect, but it won’t on the home page or about page?!
I removed all the ‘scroll into view’ interactions and that had no resolve.
I’m noticing from the inspect window that it’s applying a opacity=0 to the parent content div which effectively leaves the entire page blank.


Why is this “seamless pagination” working on the test page
But not on the home page?

Can anyone offer any assistance with this?

Your pages are password protected, nobody can look at them, please remove that for the start, cheers

ooops! my apologies, that only went on this morning. Removed now.

My thoughts are any page that has a scroll into view interaction set, it creates this opacity=0 which breaks the seamless pagination. As this template is heavy on scroll into views, I may have to just settle for a dedicated testimonials page.

Try removing this part

Thank you so much!! That appeared to do the trick… :smile: