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Seamless Pagination with pjax does affect other element styles

Hey guys

I’m on a new project, where I need collection pagination, because the team section is way to big for mobile devices. Well, I found Seamless Pagination . It works so far, that the page does not reload when I hit the “next” button.

But, the script seems to affect other elements on my page. Actually I don’t have one of the well known issues with interactions. But In my Hero Section and the one below, the script does change “display” settings of different elements and as well as the “transform settings”.

I made a screencapture, where you can see, what’s actually happening. But I have no clue, why it does that, and how to prevent that.

Actually the BG Video on the top of my site is set to display none as well as the images in the hero.

Here the Link to the Screencapture:

Also attached the code before and after hitting the next button - in yellow you see the affected parts:

Does anyone have an idea why and how I can prevent this? The page needs to go live on Thursday and I have no clue right now.

Many thanks for any help!
Best Joel

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