Seamless Pagination: Need help reinitializing filter functionality

I’m using pagination on my CMS filter list here: Sermones. To create a seamless pagination I added this custom code:

I understand that the last three lines of code help to reinitialize interactions after seamless pagination occurs with the “next” button, however, it does not reinitialize the filter list functionality and my filter list stops working. I created a workaround by including location.reload(); as follows:

$(document).on(‘pjax:end’, function() {

This brings back the filter functionality but it reloads the entire page every time the seamless pagination event occurs. Is there a way to reinitialize the filter functionality without reloading the entire webpage? I can probably call the filter function to reinitialize after Webflow.require but I do not know the name of the function that Webflow created for this filter functionality.

Does anyone have any solutions to bring back the filter functionality with seamless pagination and without reloading the entire web page?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Misión La Cosecha


  1. Identify the filter function name that Webflow uses.
  2. Call the filter function after reinitializing Webflow interactions.

$(document).on(‘pjax:end’, function() {

// Replace ‘yourFilterFunctionName’ with the actual function name
if (typeof yourFilterFunctionName === ‘function’) {
yourFilterFunctionName(); // Call filter function to reinitialize

Ahh yeah. I figured I’d have to find the function name that Webflow uses. My best bet is to probably contact Webflow for their help. Unless there’s a way to find the function name through the developer tools? I’ve already tried but can’t seem to locate the name.

Hey Nelson,

Webflow does not have a filter functionality- you’re using Finsweet’s, so you’d check their docs for any re-initialization.

Most people would approach this by using FS Filter + FS Load in combination since they’re designed to work together. You may have better results with that. I’ve built some pretty awesome stuff with them.

Thanks so much for the direction!