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Seamless Pagination and Lighthouse

So while using Seamless Pagination Code and lighthouse, when you go too a different page in for the collection, the lighthouse stops working. If I take off the code for Seamless Pagination, lighthouses work on any page. Unfortunately, pagination does not have a good user experience without it being seamless.

Here is an example of Site

Does anyone know a way to use Seamless Pagination with lighthouse images? It is a jarring visitor experience to have the page reload and them have to scroll down if I get rid of Seamless Pagination.

Just bumping the post.

Hi @Digital_Precision

I think you are missing the div id which you need to set to “seamless-replace”. then the script will work and I think the pagination will too

Also please post the link to your live page otherwise we can’t see the page with custom code working

after looking it it I think you placed the ID on a wrong element - I think it should be on the collection container (not wrapper)

let me know if it works

Also, is there a reason why you don’t just put all the images on one page (without the pagination)?

The jiggle reloads, but not lighthouse effect. I just redid the jiggle interaction back in to show interactions are reloading but not lighthouse affect.

Because each artist will be uploading new work on a daily basis. I don’t want to limit the work they have on their profiles. There is only a limited amount of uploads currently.

btw - you readonly link is not working any longer… if you could updated it…

Done with an updated one.

I don’t know what just changed. It suddenly started working on half of the pages that uses the same coding. I will try to compare the pages and see if i find any difference between them.

Thank you. When I put the jiggle animations back in for you I had to have changes something that wasn’t working.

can you tell me what page it started working on?

I now have it working on all pages. I was missing an update to the script to reload interactions on 2 of the pages. On gallery I had the Div ID on both the collection wrapper and containing div. When you told me to take it off the collection wrapper and put in in the containing div, I deleted the collection wrapper ID. After it didn’t work I put it back on collection wrapper and deleted the containing div ID. Then it started to work.

The code I was missing was
window.Webflow && window.Webflow.destroy();
window.Webflow && window.Webflow.ready();
window.Webflow && window.Webflow.require( ‘ix2’ ).init();