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Sculpt Your Life (From Wix to Webflow)

One of my best clients is the owner of Sculpt Your Life and is a holistic practitioner that does nutrition instruction, fitness training, and Ta’i Chi Chih instruction. Her original site was made by me on Wix a while back since her original designer did not complete it, so I was consulted on.

Since I do not use Wix anymore and have moved everything to Webflow, her site was moved as well with a responsive layout and a few other changes. She wanted to keep similar layouts with the non-home pages, and the amount of text the same.

I would love feedback on the new site before it launches next week, but I also have a few questions:

  1. What is the best way to have dropdown menus work through symbols instead of the default?
  2. There as an issue where when moving the page from desktop to tablet, the nav menu will drop out of place, how can I fix this?

Old Site:
New Site:



great start :slight_smile:

I would suggest not letting the form go full width. Maybe put a max-width of something like 550px.

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