Scrolling up glitch with Webflow Slider

I am facing an issue with the webflow native slider
I will reach on the end slider - and scroll down or up
it creates a random scroll and sort of jitter effect – this feels like a bug and ducks up the UX

Watch this video: Webflow Slider Bug — Tella

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Thanks in advance :heart:

Hi @pravinakajerry,

Would you be able to try removing the ‘how-slider’ element, republishing and trying again?

It looks like it might there may be some clashing with these sliders, potentially caused by some custom code.

Let me know how you go!


Namaste @mww
Thanks for the help man :raised_hands:

Grateful for your help – Webflow community is the best
I will also help 10 more people to pay back the credit :slight_smile:

New economy rules )
Also thanks to Jono & Webflow Team

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