Scrolling text left to right, help with positioning & implementation! <3


I’ve been experimenting with trying to find ways to load a div into the browser that had text scrolling left to right. Think of a stock ticker or news bulletin that would be on screen during your nightly news. I’ve found a few resources but nothing really seemed to work until I stumbled across something called a marque. It looks like this:

<marquee>hello world</marquee>

Which if you load it into the before /body section of the page settings it will load at the very bottom. I’m looking for a way to position this like I would any normal div or HTML component.

Any ideas or other solutions would be great!

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Hey @Wells

I understand what you want to do. Can you share your read only link?

Piter :webflow_heart:

Hey Peter!

I actually solved it for myself! To anyone interested in site scrolling text it’s actually quite simple.

Simply create any random div and place a custom code module into the div. Inside the HTML embed section just simply write…

<marquee> Whatever text you'd like </marquee> 

and it will even render inside the editor which was a first for me.

There are probably some fancier more dynamic ways to accomplish this put it worked for my case.

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I will follow up with this as well. For all intensive purposes the marquee feature has been deprecated from HTML5 and the other uses i’ve seen use keyframe animations.

So use at your own risk and all that jazz

Links below:

Far less convenient but such is life

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Nice! Thanks for sharing @Wells :webflow_heart: