Scrolling Speed and Easing

Would be fantastic — nay, imperative! — to have per-site, per-page or even per-section control over scrollTo… Speed and Easing. Everything is the same speed, and has the same easing, and none of it controllable or adjustable by default…



Hi Bart,

Thanks for sending the link. I had seen this in my searches the day before yesterday, and have it in place already so the scrolling is a little faster. But it would be more useful if the easing of the scrolling were controllable, and also if per-section (or per-scroll) control could be adjustable. If I have a large section to scroll to, it’s fine that it takes (e.g.) 400ms. But if I scroll a very short distance, to reveal a footer for instance, then the 400ms is way too slow and it would be cool if such a thing was editable on a per-instance basis.

Thank you :slight_smile: