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Scrolling on Services Page Not Working on Mobile

For some reason, the services page does not scroll on portrait mode. I have tested this on two separate phones with the same response.

Does this happen for you -

Hi @robbdigital

Looks like you have overflow: hidden on your body tag on mobile portrait view.

Try to remove that and and see if that fixes the issue. And be mindful of this when using overflow: hidden.

I attempted to fix that and it is still not working on Android. It works fine on iOS. Could you please check to see if I indeed did remove the Overflow Hidden from the body section?

Hi @robbdigital

The body still have overflow hidden on the Services page:

Can you please advise me on how to get the “BD” section selected so I can remove Overflow Hidden?


The BD section is actually the body of the page. You can access it through the Navigator on the right or the navigation bar at the bottom of the canvas.

I see you already removed the Overflow. Is the website working fine now?

I will try doing this. I went in to each section and removed it but could
not do it from the bd.

Do you have a screenshot of where I can access this in the Navigator?

Hi @robbdigital

Here’s how you can access the body element:

Then, go to the Styles Panel and Overflow: hidden

This fixed it. Thanks so much for your help!

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You’re most welcome :slight_smile:

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