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Scrolling Navbar Items

Has anyone come across the Navbar items not scrolling on a tablet or smart phone.


Menu 1
Menu 2
- Menu Item 2-1
- Menu Item 2-2
- Menu Item 2-3
- Menu Item 2-4
- Menu Item 2-5
Menu 3
- Menu Item 3-1
- Menu Item 3-2
- Menu Item 3-3
Menu 4

If you select Menu-2… Menu Items 2-1 through 2-5 are suppose to display on the screen.
If they don’t fit… you should be able to scroll through the list of menu items.

Preview via the designer works every time… but in live mode - this is not always the case.

For whatever reason… with no changes - my tablet menu now works - but my smart phone menu still does not.

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