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Scrolling Issue when using third-party modal plugin

I’m attempting to use a third-party modal plugin to develop more complex modals/lightboxes than what Webflow’s native tool allows for. I’m utilizing jQuery Modal.

Ultimately, this has worked out well except for one small issue. Every time one of the modal triggers is clicked, the page scrolls down a small amount. I have four modals linked together on the page(four icons with arrows to the right) and when navigating between the four, the page scrolls more and more each time a modal is triggered.

I’m assuming this is related to Webflow’s built-in smooth scroll when an anchor link directs to a section with an ID.

Any ideas on how to disable Webflow’s smooth scrolling on in-page anchors for just this page while keeping the functionality for the rest of the site?

Live Link to the page so you can see the modal functionality: