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Scrolling issue at some point (stuck before footer) at home page


I’m having problems with the home page. At some point (between the last div block and the footer), when it comes to Androids Mobile Phone (big ones), the scrolling get stuck and I can’t scroll right down of the bottom. Only happens with the home page

Someone told me this:

"This happens on android phones when there is margins applied on mobile portrait, the margins for top margin are not respected on some devices.

I would use padding instead of margin and update your styles whereever top margin is being used and use padding instead so each element on mobile portrait is edge to edge, top to bottom with no margin whitespace between elements."

But I tried to fix it and still the problem remains. Does someone knows why this is happening and how to fix it?

Thank you very much in advance!

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Hey! I figure out that the problem is “noticies” block (which is a CMS system), because if I hide it, the problem gets solved. Any idea? There are not margins anywhere in this block.