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Scrolling into view animation starts on page load, I'm 100% sure I did this wrong-

Hello Webflow peeps,
I applied a simple slide in scrolling into view animation on some elements,
but out of nowhere I decided to create a lottie animation with alpha channel for a page loading animation,

I needed to lock the users from scrolling so I made an interaction that hides sections until the animation ends,

seems like that triggers the scrolling animations and since I can’t (maybe there’s a way idk --) make the scrolling animation appear for each time you go through them, they don’t seem to work properly,

It is my fault I’ve done it weirdly and it’s messy now-

But kindly, if someone could link me to a discussion about doing this the proper way, I’d really appreciate it and I’ll give free cuddles too! :((

I’m so sorry if it was there I couldn’t find what I was looking for when I looked it up, and I guess many wouldn’t understand what I meant because I suck at writing letters-

Here is my live site:

Here is my public share link:

Here’s what I was trying to achieve: