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Scrolling Headings

I have a requirement to have a hero image with a heading overlay-ed. No problem there, but I need the Heading to cycle through 4 or 5 different sets of words.

My first thought was to use a slide show, but couldn’t workout how to make the back ground transparent.

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Hello, @Greg_Hart

It is hard to be sure what exactly you want to accomplish. Could you, please, update your post with some more information so we can help you faster? Something like screenshots or examples.


Hi Sabanna

You will see a quote Ädvanced Load Management", this heading fades in and stays there. I want to then fade this out and fade in a new quote and so on…

Does this help?



Ok, now it becomes more clear :slight_smile:

You definitely may use a slider. each slide would have a title (text) inside. You can add background image to the “slider mask” element for keep 1 constant image for each slide.

Feel free to ask if you will need more help with this.


Hi, I was wondering if I could do it with animation instead? Can finishing one animation, trigger another?

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