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Scrolling down to section inside a div box, please help!

Hello everyone, I have just this problem that I cant fix at all and it’s driving me a little crazy :smile:
So I have a div box and inside I have 2 sections and a link block linking to the 2nd section.

What I want to do is click on this link block and have the div block scroll down to the 2nd section, but instead the body of the site is scrolling.

I’m in OCTUBRE and I want the div block scrolls down to NOVIEMBRE by clicking on the link block.

This is the public link (page Calendario prueba)

Please if you don’t understand where is the problem let me know I will try to explain better.

Thank you!

Linking to section will always move the body. It would do what you want if you used an iframe for your box.

You can move the little box with an interaction but it won’t make the content of your div to scroll.

I think you’re trying to do something you can’t do with Webflow.

I think that’s not good news.

Well I’ll keep trying then, thank you very much for your answer!